A bit more about LovaLinda

Lovalinda is Linda, a French woman with Moroccan heritage. She is far away from home, in search of new paradises.

After sixteen months exploring Oceania, Asia and North America, discovering many new cultures, she finally fell in love with Troncones; a small town in Mexico. There, she has found a dream job as a Photographer and Digital Nomad.

LovaLinda is wearing multiple hats: globe-trotter, blogger, community manager, web-designer, consultant, cook and obviously photographer. From 16 to 32, she also used to be a TV host, an influencer, a journalist and much more.

Dedicated to fashion, food, traveling and photography, she created alone her own French blog in August 2011, to share these passions. In December 2013, thanks to her 10 years experience as a retail manager and her diplomas at the Aix-Marseille Graduate School of Management, she started her own business as an Image Consultant. December 2014, she finally realized that she had enough of her luxury routine, so she quit her job to live her dream: travel the world by herself without itinerary, schedule or duration.

LovaLinda enjoys going with the flow, to discover breathtaking landscapes, have adventures, drink lemon water, eat brownies and carrot cakes, be barefoot on the sand, share her joie de vivre and take pictures. She is constantly amazed and captivated by the beauty that exists on our planet.

Her passion for photography is endless. You will never see Linda without her camera. However she doesn’t define herself as a professional photographer. She thinks that once photography becomes a job it’s easy to lose the passion and fascination that originally brought her to it!

LovaLinda loves photography with all her heart and after her chance encounter, with Present Moment Retreat, she developed new skills and a new body of work. Now she loves it even more and is excited to share this new website, with her new travel blog and the services she offers to bring value to your life… currently based in Port Macquarie, NSW, Australia.

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